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(Lib-Tard) 1) Combination of the words Liberal and retard (see also: Libterd, libturd, libnerd, libsurd, libdiot, libored) 2) The result when a tree hugger successfully mates with a tree and the offspring is born with an extra chromosome. 3) Any helpless society that must always be liberated by the blood and sweat of others yet are too arrogant and stupid to realize that they owe their entire existance to others.(see also: French-tard, French-Tarded, Retarded-Frenchmen).
1) Hillary clinton and her husband, you know what's his face. You know that libtard that got impeached for going down on that fat chick in the beret that looked like Rosie Odonnel.
2) Look at that tall mongoloid with the vote Kerry T-shirt. Must be one of them libtards.
3) Screw you Frenchie! You freakin' Libtard.
додав sirisaachillary 23 Вересня 2005
(Yay-nk) v.(1)Masturbation period denoting short duration. (2) Receiving a handjob in public from a stranger. (3) Quickly removing ones penis from ones pants and beating like mad in order to ejaculate quickly in a public setting, restroom, subway train or mother in-laws closet. (4) To pull on the pubic hair of above the vagina in order to gain access to the clitoris. (5) An American hailing from one of the Northern States. (6) An American overseas. Usually identified by carrying an M16 or Credit card for the purpose of global domination. see also (Rub, Jack, Polish, Jerk, Beat). Syn. Yanking, Yanker, Yanked, tripple-between-the-legs-yanked
A Yank : A Yank
1) I was feeling horny but had to be at work in 10 minutes so I had a Yank before I had to go.
2) I asked the attendant for a fittingroom and she followed me in and yanked me.
3) I saw this hot picture of your sister and I couldn’t help myself so I just dropped my pants and started yanking like mad.
4) I had one finger up her cornhole and so I had to give her a yank to get into position.
5) I’m not white trash from Arkansas so I guess I’m a yank. Now stop fucking your sister you damn hillbilly!
6) Them Yanks sure saved our asses again! Too bad I’m an arrogant Frenchman with no sense of appreciation. Ooh, look a Panzer!
додав SirIsaacHillary 02 Вересня 2005
(Jay) N. (1) A Joint. (2) Purest form of nudity (3)An Upturned penis. see also (Doobie, Stick, Roach, Cheeb, Lefty)
1) What's up? Nothing just smokin' a "J".

2) There I was standing in the police lineup naked as a "J".

3) I got all drunk and took that fat girl home from the bar. She jumped on top and broke my dick. Bitch left me a "J".
додав SirIsaacHillary 02 Вересня 2005
(50 Korean Kids with a Handful of Rocks) Phrase. 1) The subtle way of pointing out a woman’s cellulite. 2) The logical reaction to seeing a 300 pound woman in a pair of stretch pants with cellulite so bad that it looks like 50 Korean kids with a handful of rocks pelted her legs and ass ruthlessly. (See also: Hail Damage, Cheese, The Cheese, Nasty Cheese, Grated Cheese, Lump and Your Moms nasty ass legs)
1) Dude, that lady looks like she was attacked by 50 Korean Kids with a Handful of Rocks.
2) Oh shit, she must have been attacked by 50 Korean Kids with a Handful of Rocks.
додав SirIsaacHillary 09 Вересня 2005
Reverse Kangaroo: 1)California Valley slang for a sexual position where the woman analy rides the man facing him while she smacks him in the face with the bottoms of her feet. 2) New Australian for using a toilet backwards, and leaving skidmarks on the front side of the bowl.
1) She broke my nose when we tried the Reverse Kangaroo.
3) She got all drunk and let us watch her take a reverse Kangaroo.
додав SirIsaacHillary 09 Вересня 2005
(Ash-Lee Simp-Son) Name. 1) Pop music icon created from the star power of older sister. Future looked promissing until Lip-sync event on TV. 2) To glob on to the success of a family member and ride them to your own 15 minutes of fame. 3) Identification for a child born into a family where they have very attractive sibblings but the themselves are uglier than shit ona shingle (See also Ugly Tree Whoopin).
1) Milli and Vanilli never did that bad....Nice Jig, dumbass. Way to play that one off Ashlee.
2) I'm a talentless hunk of shit so I work for my brothers company, I feel ashlee simpson about myself sometimes.
3) That baby was so ashlee simpson, I can't believe that it and the other children are even related. Did they adopt a retarded korean kid or something?
додав sirisaachillary 23 Вересня 2005
(Pee Fun-K) N. 1)Parliament Funkadelic (2) Musical Sounds made by George Clinton, Parliament Funkadelic and Bootsy Collins. (3) Strong smelling urine usually a biproduct of consuming too much sulfur in foods and vitamins. (4) Chunky or dark discharge during urination.
1) Did you get the best of P- Funk CD yet?
2) Bow-wow-wow, Baby. Yeah feel the P- Funk baby.
3) Ewww, hey Joe come smell this P- Funk.
4) Um, Doctor, I have a little P- Funk going on. It also burns a little.
додав SirIsaacHillary 07 Вересня 2005
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