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Blades Buisness Crew, Notorios sheffield united ooligans
My old man said be a wednesday fan and i said fuck off bollocks your a cunt
додав Stanislaus 18 Липень 2004
A large Spliff containing At least 14grams of marijuana made by rolling a a4 sheet of card into a cone rolling it in paper and filling the empty cone up. This needs 4 roaches, 2up 2down
"Thats not a spliff"
"yes it is"
"are you trying to be funny"
додав Stanislaus 30 Травень 2004
Yes fuck evil shim in his stupid face
An example? last night is a good one
додав stanislaus 4 Червень 2004
Me, also patron saint of poland
Hi im Stanislaus grumann
додав stanislaus 2 Червень 2004
the newest and most nazi pope for twenty years
he has the eyes of a killer
додав stanislaus 26 Квітень 2005

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