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28 definitions by zee

javi = sex.
I want to make sweet sweet javi to that man.
додав zee 7 Квітень 2004
Sexy Potions master at Hogwarts, hated by all the students there.
Snape is HOTT!
додав Zee 15 Січень 2004
whats up , or how's it going
hey whats good with you today
додав zee 23 Квітень 2005
the word michael jackson likes to say a lot in his songs
michael jackson: OW!
додав zee 8 Лютий 2004
1.n God, or one who is like a god in a certain way. Somewhat like the Zee from the N Room.
"Holy fucking shit zee pwnz" "Yeah man I know zee kicks my ass =("
додав Zee 19 Березень 2005
One of the better tasting root beer sodas on the market. It is not as sweet as many other brands, and it does have a bite to it. A very good product.
додав Zee 27 Жовтень 2003
n. A noob to the point of being a noob where they are ungodly untolerable. Most Noobling Primes use "lol" as punctuation.
"lyk so i went lyke 2 da mall n stuff n wuz liek oh mah gawd i need dis purse lol"

"Jesus Christ! Shut up the fuck up Noobling Prime."
додав Zee 13 Серпень 2005