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It is a placeholder for a decimal integer in various programming languages
In the C programming language, the following code:

void main()
printf("%d", 6);

would give the output of


In that example, the %d acts as a placeholder for the number 6. So when it gets compiled, the %d gets replaced with a 6
додав cheesepotato 23 Липень 2005

Слова пов'язані з %d

%n %t dumb idiot imma let you finish mockery sarcasm
cross eyed emoticon used to express stupidity. where the circles represent the eyes, and the slash is the nose. It actually looks like a lopsided face, but where gonna say its cross-eyed, because its cooler. Duh!
Guy 1: 3oh3! is better than Radiohead

Guy 2: Yes. %D
додав Koperwopin 18 Вересень 2009
A markup used on aim to display the current date

додав Richard [Zeratual] 30 Листопад 2002