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see :D
yay! =D
додав Sophie 28 Серпень 2003

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:d :) ^^ =p xd = =) lol smiley ^_^ =3 =o 8d 8=d emoticon happy face penis rofl ;) ttutt
What happens when you try to put a smiley ( =D ) in a comment on someones page but they have a page style that makes all font lower-case.
Hey! =D

hey! =d
додав Stephen 21 Вересень 2006
Smiley used to represent licking lips
"hey i had some ice cream"
"nice man =d"
додав Diego V-Laz 28 Липень 2008
French Emoticon...
it did have a beret... but it looked even worse
Dude1: "look this smiley is french =D"
Dude2: "... Go Die"
додав Oli a smole lover indeed 5 Жовтень 2006
Designed to look like a smiley, but really a penis.
Damn he tried to type a smiley like =D, but we both know he really was thinking of cock.
додав glasses azn kid 4 Лютий 2011