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funky shopping and awesome mexican food in a northern san diego city called encinitas
Hey lets go hang out on 101 and go to moonlight beach!
додав lizzzi 1 Березень 2006

Слова пов'язані з 101

edit lol 120 1337 zoey 102 internet laewl lmao lolol rofl rule 100 34 98 leet sex stupid the zoey 101
Introduction, basics
Russian propaganda posters 101
додав Petr 25 Січень 2004
an introductory lesson on something
If he cant teach grilling 101, I don't know who can.
додав The Return of Light Joker 31 Травень 2009
The number of the torture room in the novel "Nineteen-eighty-four" by George Orwell, which also included "Big Brother". Yes that is where the name of that stupid TV show aimed at fucktards came from.
The British comedy "Room 101"
додав sqrrl101 31 Травень 2004
Derived from the CB '10-code' meaning 'Receiving poorly' but now used among a certain generation to mean anything that's a bit crap.
He said he'd wired up the amplifier properly, but it's all a bit 10-1 if you ask me.
додав Uncle Whippity 9 Травень 2004
An absolute certainty referring to decimal odds often used in betting talk.
It's 1.01 that they will win today
додав Nick Watson 24 Квітень 2008
A scenic highway that goes through California.
Take the 101, it's more scenic than most highways in Cali, plus there's bound to be less traffic.
додав anonimus 20 Квітень 2005
A beginners overview or tutorial. The basics. Taken from a "101" entry level college course.
I would like to get into basket weaving, but I could really use a 101.
додав brownox 4 Жовтень 2013