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the most awesome era ever. this is where they had the Mafia, awesome 50s-type songs, and all that innocence that has since been completely destroyed. the 1950s was also when Rock music, credit cards, color TVs an more were invented (according to Mafia II).
The game Mafia II takes place during the 1950s
додав Chowderz 11 Березень 2011

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1960s conservative republican slang 50s music old school retro rock vintage
A decade from January 1 1950 to December 31 1959.
In the 1950's:
1.Men wore black leather jackets, jeans, cotton shirts and often listened to Elvis Presley.

2.Women wore their hair back with ribbons and wore dresses.

3.Elvis Presly and Chuck Berry would have made rock n roll in this decade.

4.Only decade in which it was considered cool to be American.
додав Taxman 31 Липень 2006