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The speed which is required to travel through time
(142 kph)
"If my calculations are correct when this sucker reachers 88 mph, you’re going to see some serious shit!"
-Doc Brown 1:19am Saturday October 26 1985
додав RRman 23 Вересень 2006
282 81
Some serious shit.
Cool as hell.
This party just hit 88 mph.
додав Brian Fellow 1 Лютий 2003
138 55
A pace of drinking which is intended to lead to a blackout. Blackout is essentially forward time travel. In Back to the Future the speed at which the Delorean travels through time is 88 mph. If you are drinking at a speed of 88 mph, you intend to drink yourself into a blackout.
Everyone is home this weekend we're going big. I'm doing 50 now but I'll hit 88 mph by midnight. See you tomorrow.
додав Da Kuai 10 Січень 2012
6 2
the speed needed to travel thru time
додав simon 16 Лютий 2003
66 78