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The acronym for, quite possibly, the most awesome cartoon ever created. Aqua Teen Hunger Force 0\/\/n5, bottom line. If you are reading this you have fallen prey to the sweetical mind control that is deehee.
This is lame, let's watch ATHF and smoke a bowl of pot (preferably nugs which Blandon goes through like that ---*snaps fingers---). P.S. Blandon can get 1/2 a lb. of ghettygreen for 45 dollars.
додав |34i77 13 Червня 2004
The best damn show ever!!!Also known as Aqua Teen Hunger Force.Created for people who like to watch 3 articles of food on television (Meatwad: A small, possibly mentally retarded ball of meat not approved for human consumption,Frylock: A container of fries who is A genius, and consists of the container, the fries, and A diamond embedded on his back, and Master Shake: also known as: "MS" who consists of A very ignorant mind and A pink straw that shoots green pinochilada(sp) flavored milkshake, and petite yellow hands. The show is like seinfeld in A way: it's A show about nothing, and some episode titles even begin with the word "The" (just like Seinfeld). It also consists of 2 dimensional aliens both who enjoy flipping things off: Ignignokt: A large green alien, and Err: A smaller alien who is pink,oh, and uncle Cliff who appears in one episode. Oh, and who can forget, the aqua teens beloved neighbor: Carl Brutananadilewski who is hairy and enjoys veiwing pornography in his run down home, (with of couse his miniature swimming pool). Carl concists of some sandals, sweat pants, A wifebeater, and of course his famous gold chain.
Dude, this party sucks! I'm going home to watch ATHF!
#aqua #teen #hunger #force #athf
додав Pearbian 18 Березня 2007
Also known as Aqua Teen Hunger Force, the geniuses behind this show seem to know exactly what makes a stoned person piss his pants with laughter. I love this show. It is absolutely hilarious.
"Dude, I'm so baked - grab some chips and turn on ATHF.
#athf #aqua teen hunger force #meatwad #frylock #master shake #pot #baked #stoned #funny #hilarious #awesome
додав wingz99 27 Липня 2007
God's gift to the world in the form of three insane food products from the Jersey Shore who like to torture their neighbor, Carl.
i need to put an example here, but i don't want to.
додав AquaTeenExpert 07 Грудня 2004
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