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It is an autosomal recessive disorder in which one suffers from all of itchiness, sleepiness and boredom. There is no known cure for this syndrome.
oh he's been watching tv for the past ten hours, i wonder if he's got the aarti triad
додав aarti triad maker 19 Липень 2010

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aarti bored. itchy sleepy triad
It only occurs when one is being itchy and feeling sleepy and is bored. All three events must occur simultaneously for the triad to be completed. It is generally well known that it is hazardous to be around a person suffering from the Aarti Triad and it is highly advised to take strict safety precautions.
maaan i'm so itchy and kinda sleepy but sooo bored.... I wonder if I have... Aarti Triad!!!
додав aarti triad maker 19 Липень 2010