Ass, or booty
That girl has a fat angus.
додав T-Whiz 04 Грудня 2014
1. A noun describing something that is sub-par.
2. A replacement noun for metaphors suggesting something is bad.
You kick like an angus.

She was an angus man.

That party last night was so angus.
додав DGD. 12 Вересня 2011
A big gay
Look at that dancer over there.. such an Angus
додав zwub 04 Червня 2013
(n.) A massive, dark-skinned homonid female notable for its diet of fried chicken, near-incomprehensible speech, and unpleasant demeanor.
"That angus is waggling her finger at you! I think she's gonna charge!"

"Taiqua's really been putting on the pounds lately. She's turning into an angus."
додав SmexyCitra 24 Жовтня 2011
a very retarded dog
your dog's an angus
додав moerdt 21 Грудня 2009
A guy whose homosexuality knows no bounds. His sexual promiscuity knows no bounds as for he has many sexual partners. He is always described as a complete failure with no purpose in life wandering through it as if he was blind, deaf and mentally disabled.
додав angusthebeefyee 04 Січня 2012
Dick, penis, balls
"Hop off my Angus"
додав Playax08 10 Серпня 2008

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