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a person on facebook who invites you to add a load of stupid applications, most about ninjas or pirates.
steve is such an app whore, in the past 2 days he's invited me to become a pirate, rate him, add him to his top friends, join the battle of bros vs hos, and become a zombie.
додав Rory M. 8 Жовтень 2007
31 13
When a person just gets an iPhone and has the sudden urge to download and buy apps nonstop.
Guy 1 - "Hey he just got an iPhone"
Guy 2 - "Yeah man! He's been downloading apps nonstop."
Guy 1 - "What an app whore"
Guy 3 - "I love all my new apps! The paid ones are automatically better because they aren't free and cost more."
додав Maksikk 31 Липень 2010
16 0
A high school student that joins clubs and activities only to put them on a college application. May also extend to taking honors and AP courses for the same purpose.
Ryan(this is Lobo's fault) is such an appwhore. He never comes to club meetings, but I'm sure they are listed on his Princeton application.
додав Vasant Ramachandran 12 Грудень 2006
21 8
Noun. A person whose friendships are largely a consequence of their ability and willingness to provide pirated music, movies, and software to their peers.
Amie: Hey Rick, could you send me that photoshop file?
Rick: You only call me when you need the latest version of Photoshop! Is that all I am to you? An appwhore?
додав Arnivore 14 Січень 2011
14 4