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Maybe one of rancid milk's love partners.
rancid milk:I want to tap Aquatakat!
rancid milk:*goatses* We are, tap me!!!
додав Jay 16 Липень 2003
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That's all you really need to know.
додав girlgamer44 6 Квітень 2003
The most uber useful kat. He knows everything and cn do anything. He is your god, bow down before him. Or pet him if you like.

He's also the most undeniably adorable kat there is was, is, or ever will be. He makes you just wanna squeeze him.
Aquatakat is the best!
додав LostPristinity 24 Червень 2003
Best. Person. Evar. (V)-A multitalented PHP programmer.
додав SS777 7 Квітень 2003
Cleaner Kat of The Couch.

Owner of the Aqua Boards.
*Cleans Couch*
додав Rampage 6 Квітень 2003
A man who eats AquataBran to solve AquataPastion.
додав Arnold Sch.. sch... not gonna try. 13 Жовтень 2003
A really c00l d00d
додав TheVoice 7 Квітень 2003

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