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Wendy Williams;
referencing her new nikes--designed by her, for her;
each sneaker has a 3 letter metal plate over laces--the right sneaker is inscribed with "BIG;" the left with "WEN."
You are so BIG WEN, I can't stand it no more!
додав Wyeth 3 Жовтень 2009

Слова пов'язані з BIG WEN

fu-fu-la messy outrageous way out there xsive
A big black fu-fu-la broad with big feet (R=BIG; L=WEN)
who's BOOTY-LICIOUS; BOOBA-LICIOUS and BLIGA-LICIOUS=Black with the Wig/Weave.
Girl, you doin u BIG-WEN shit tonite. You so fu-fu-la seem like u UNDA the top, know what Im sayin, sista?
додав Wyeth 3 Жовтень 2009