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To get an assassination medal in halo 3 by meleeing in the back. Commonly used by tsquared captain of the halo 3 team Str8 Rippin
Tsquared: Give em' the back smack baby!
додав BoweTheShow 22 Червень 2009

Слова пов'язані з Back Smack

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action verb: To strike another person because they have just pissed you off. One can backsmack by thought, word, or deed.
Steve: "Did she just cut you off?"
John: "Yeah, I 'd like to backsmack her!"
додав Lexie 1912 19 Вересень 2008
To violently slap someone on the back.
"Dude, it hurts so bad!"

"Take that back smack bitch!"

"Did you see Todd totally get fucked up, that was the worst back smack I have ever seen!"
додав Tango09 31 Березень 2010
To talk about someone behind their back
Brittany:"wow she looks really ugly"
Jessica:"sorry I don't backsmack"
додав Backsmack 12 Вересень 2014