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A person who enjoys lifes greatest pleasures with a certain charm and swagger envied by most. A Bad cat can be, but is not limited to someone who is rich and famous. If you are walking or driving along the street and see someone dressed unconventionally or they are wearing a top hat, fedora, feathered cap, or cowboy hat, chances are they are a bad cat. If someone accomplishes something good, they themselves are a badcat, even if only for a short while. To "cat someone" is also to beat them or trick them, or make them look stupid while making yourself look good.
Thats A BadCat right there... Badcat himself... Bad-Motherfucking-cat...
додав Jon Bruno 3 Квітень 2006

Слова пов'язані з BadCat

cat-like cattish cool fingering gato malo
a codename for "Vodka"
додав PyT reppin\' th\' WaSc MoB! 19 Жовтень 2003