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An ugly, unlovely town near Bremerton, WA. Full of meth and trailer dwellers, some of whom aspire to become bremelos some day. No more than 80% of ninth graders actually graduate from North Mason High School, where teaching French was banned in 2002 for political reasons but you can try out for any of three football teams. Despite being a cultural cesspool (one popular Belfair Summerfest game is cow bingo), Belfair is in a surprisingly pretty location on Hood Canal near several lakes, and with lots of woods to explore. Not bad for a day trip, but make sure to get out by dusk to avoid having your soul sucked out by shambling undead brain-scavengers with MxPx tattoos.
Q: What can you find at the Belfair Safeway that's not at QFC?

A: Half the NMHS student body in the parking lot on a Friday night.
додав Zephyr Greene 22 Грудня 2007
Is a little town by Bremerton, that use to have tons of meth houses and people. And well still does. North Mason High school is in belfair. You dont have to be a genius to graduate from there. Most of the people in belfair are huge partiers, and does drugs. Belfair has two grocery stores, 3 traffic lights. (one doesn't really count.) Belfair has LOTS of trees, bushes, LOTS of plants. Is pretty at first, but when you live there you get to know people and find out things that will change your mind. Everyone in Belfair pretty much gets along. There are tons of little groups but they dont really go trying to kill each other. If your looking to party and get high and not really worry about the Po Po then this is your place.
додав shellysaysfuckit 01 Квітня 2009
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