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Some fag who likes to put their own name on Urbandictionary a lot...
That guy who posted the definition of his name from urban dictionary is a total Benjamin
додав IAMECSTATIC 11 Лютий 2010
A term used for Gay/faggy/homosexual people. Very derogative.
Dude, that guy is really Benjamin
додав BALDSLADKJH 3 Березень 2010
To have the most amazing man boobs ever, and be amazing in bed.
"Hey, look, that guy is topless!"

"He's such a Benjamin."
додав fruityluv 15 Жовтень 2008
a kid who wears oversized headphones, has an antisocial love of music and an understated campness
wow! look at that benjamin walking along with his drum and base and a dog strangely mesmerised by that torch
додав misslaurentheamazing 23 Вересень 2007
benjamin is the uncoolest person alive he thinks he has friends but they are only in his head
look ther goes a benjamin
додав pagey 92 6 Лютий 2008
When a man records a girl buttocks on his mobile phone while she walks in front him.
Yesterday, I saw this girl walking and I just had to do a Benjamin.
додав Thebrownbear 19 Жовтень 2014