yes there is a berkley and it is a city in michigan, as apposed to berkeley calaforina were not full of fags and hippies.
City: Berkley, MI 48072
Population (2000): 15,529
Housing units: 6,833
Land area: 2.4 sq. mi.
White population: 14,921
Black population: 108
American Indian population: 38
Asian population: 160
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander population: 2
Some other race population: 62
Two or more races population: 238
Median household income (1999): $57,620
#berkeley #berkley high #michigan #woodward #12 mile
додав double_d 09 Березня 2007
Top Definition
a free sprited fun-loving girl. Let life roll off her back and keeps her head held high. Very talented musically and always has a song in her head. Sweet caring and never meets a stranger. Will probally be a actress or singer.
Berkley-The most forgiving person in the world without a doubt. Loves so much and has so much to give will find a mate and love him till he dies.
#berkley #berk #berkie #beralay #berkeley
додав mmaynman 03 Лютого 2010
The most amazing half-brit I have ver met and will ever meet in my entire life. She is the kind of girl you want to be. She is super fun, crazy at times, super chill, and super beautiful!!! She's got the prettiest eyes and a perky-cute nose. She has the softest hair in the world and most of all she is very intelligent! Another important detail, is that she's is an amazing friend one could have. She's nice and energetic who loves almost all types of music, even the one I disagree When she wants to, she gives the warmest hugs ever. Overall, Berkley is the best person and the most unique person in the world and she is loved by everyone that matters!
Have you seen that girl Berkley!? She's awesome!

Berkley can read peoples minds, especially mine.

So I told Berkley my dirty, little secret and she accepted me for who I am.

I love it when I point out my eyes, she's afraid.
#sexy #fun #loving #smart #exciting #amazing #and non-judgemental.
додав faberge101 03 Листопада 2012
The last name of Granville Berkley, one of the pioneers of the city of Boulder, CO. He was a lawyer and judge in the courthouse in boulder. He even has a street named after him called Berkley Ave. Boulder, CO. And he still has a house on that road with an ice house that is believed to be haunted by the ghost of Granville himself.
holy crap is that Granville Berkley in the old ice house... no thats just a ghost.
#berkley #granville #boulder #co #colorado #berkley ave.
додав momo & appa 21 Червня 2011
For the California city, see: Berkeley. (correctly spelled) For heaven's sake people, you're on the internet, putting definitions in a dictionary. How hard can it be to spell check?!
Try looking up "Berkley" in a dictionary or encyclopedia. It doesn't exist.
додав GoMommyGo 12 Вересня 2005
A place (nothing to do with California) formerly occupied by swillards (see "swillard") of the first order. Severe drinking most frequently leading to events of sheer audacity and stupidity (ie: haybales and broken fish tanks). Bordered on Crack Alley, the location of many a fine football and basketball games in the midst of drug deals (and according to legend: the raping of Chief Ike). Otis, the Fresh Abe, Chief Ike, LABH, Stussy, and Raybird were dishonored members.
Berkley is hellellell!
додав Dock Street Tall Boy 14 Травня 2003
A fake ass bitch. That is really really fat, ugly as hell. She is one of the most rude, stuck up girls you will ever meet. She thinks she's better then everyone. She will do anything to get you out of her way, even hurt you.
Person 1- did you see that ugly fat guy over there.
Person 2- that's not a guy, that's a girl..
Person 1- oh shit, I can't tell the difference!

Person 2- that girl is so stuck up, I bet her name is Berkley
Person 1- Berkleys are the most stuck up people I know
Person 2- that's so true
#fat ass #bitch #stuck up #snobby #rude
додав xx_shawdy_xx 27 Квітня 2014
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