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Someone who refuses to drink during a drinking game.
Guy 1: "I don't want to drink though."
Guy 2: "Drink up my son, don't be a Berridge."
додав Rolo Olor 23 Лютий 2009

Слова пов'язані з Berridge

berrige coin irksome. lazy obstinate pound sterling stubborn ten tenner
vb. 'to berridge', 'berridging' etc.
desc. to do one's business in a professional and manly way. gruff. senior. a potential daddy.
'get it berridged!!'
'going at it like berridge'
додав mrroast 24 Лютий 2005
Ten pounds (i.e. pounds sterling, British money, GBP) in pound coins.
Can you give me a berridge for a tenner (=ten pound note)? I need change for parking.
додав Rotho 5 Листопад 2008