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A testicle, or pair of, that you or anyone else has defined as being better than others. In fact, they're better than the resticles.
Ryan: My testicles are the besticles, better than the resticles.
додав Spennie 5 Січень 2010
67 26
(N); a best friend who never leaves your side, they are more valuable then your testicles themselves.
"Hi I would like you to meet Sara. She is my Besticle."
додав SaToria Jackhunt 26 Липень 2008
52 31
A man's best friends. A variation on 'besties' referring to best friends.
"Hangin' out with my besticles."
додав PettyRider 23 Квітень 2010
21 11
A male best friend.
Hey Jane, have you meet my besticle Josh?
додав proffessor010 7 Вересень 2010
26 18
The best of two testicles.
"The right one was simply besticle"
додав Morganlicious 13 Березень 2010
12 16
Gay guy friend. Gay best friend.
I am heading to the party with my besticle, Danny.
додав Conasabi 23 Серпень 2009
17 26
Term referring to 2 men that are best friends.The masculine counterpart to the female "bestie"
My besticle Mike and I are heading to the golf course then will grab some beers afterward.
додав razorsedge 2 Червень 2014
6819 6966