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When someone calls your office phone and you transfer them to a random number from a department you choose because you either can't find the correct number or you don't feel like looking it up.
Co-worker: Who just called?

You: I'm not really sure but I totally just blind transferred him to some one in human resources.
додав jxb 29 Грудень 2008

Слова пов'язані з Blind transfer

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When the person receiving a call transfers the caller to another person without telling the that person anything about the caller or why they are calling. This is usually very frustrating to the caller as they have to introduce themselves and explain why the are calling again.
That company sucks - I had an problem with their product and when I called to get it resolved, I was blind transferred and had to explain the problem all over again.
додав Halligan 14 Січень 2009