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The act of an unnecessary delay
Riley: "Get your ass over here and stop bogging."
додав philosodILL 29 Травень 2007
smelly, rotten, horrible etc. Derived from "bog", slang word for toilet
The place was bogging.
This food is bogging.
додав johnny 15 Вересень 2003
adj. unhip, outre, five-minutes-ago
Those pants are bogging awful. My father has a pair just like them
додав jaymo 25 Червень 2003
Something that is failing.

To strugle with a task.

For something to wreck or on the verge of wrecking.
"Man this team is bogging!"

About to be pwned during a game " Oh, No! We're Bogging!"
додав kurt906 22 Червень 2009