The name of a very butch lesbian. Usually very unattractive and loud.
Yo, dat boom over there just beat up that guy. Then he ran away crying.
додав Lesliesscareme 30 Квітень 2009
the sound of an explosion
distant explosion did you hear that boom a suicide bomber died
додав alphapyr0h4x0r 8 Березень 2010
What you say when someone says something that sounds perverted. Kinda like "that's what she said"
person 1: Gosh that thing is big
person 2: boom
додав sdjfhiousagnaigjqe gioa nfgao 6 Липень 2009
big, putruding, humoungus,
omgg look at that girls forehead.
додав ENGLISH SEC 5 17 Квітень 2009
South African slang for Ganja, Herb, Weed.. The word originated from Afrikaans (local language - close to Dutch) for the Tree.
All I feel like doing is getting goofed up on some boom and playing Xbox
додав Mole85 3 Вересень 2010
What do bombs do? they go "boom"

So hella bomb girls are boom...
that girl is hella boom!
додав Slouie 29 Липень 2010
sometimes said boom ting(chavs version) meaning amazing.
josh: omfg dude your hair is boom D:
skye: noo way yours is the freakin sex (:
додав ZöeeVuitton. 28 Вересень 2009

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