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Cuban slang for a heterosxual male who, although not identifying as homosexual, tops other men or recieves oral pleasure from them, while still engaging in typical heterosexual activies with women.
"Ese bugarrón me dejo el culo hecho yogurt, y ahora se va para la casa a ver su mujer."
додав Que Mal 5 Липень 2007

Слова пов'язані з Bugarrón

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Puerto Rican slang that difines a man (Heterosexual) that fucks gay people for money.
"That bugarrón fucks all gays in the barrio..."
додав Carlillos 17 Січень 2007
A bugarron is a man who is by his own definition, NOT GAY, however he does like to have intercourse with men, where he is the giver, but never the receiver.
Almandito es un bugarron, le gusta darle a los nenes por las nalgas, pero nunca deja que se lo chichen.

Armando is a bugarron, he likes to do other men, but he never lets them do him.
додав HanSolo_El-Pingu 16 Вересень 2012
Is derogative puertorican slang for homosexual male.
A este bugarron le comieron el culo.
додав Chamaco 9 Січень 2006