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upper middle class or rich black folks who forget their roots
She was so bugie, she never had fried chicken before!

(like in that lil bow wow song)...
"we called her bugie, she didn't shop nowhere but Gucci"
додав LilMerm 31 Жовтень 2003

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A individual who is progressive, forward thinking, innovative, intelligent, independent, strong will, sharp, self-motivated, and driven. (Individuals without high self esteem who seeks to be included generally dislike or hate on this individual)
"Please stop hating on me because I am bugie, chic. Let go and find yourself."

That diva chic is so bugie!

Redefining bugie, that's me.
додав Diva9 23 Жовтень 2011
over-exceedingly pissed off. Angered after being annoyed from stupid people, ignorant people, and/or long, nautious car rides. salty
He backstabbed our team, that dirty trader! It makes me really bugie.

додав Aaron-AD-MJ* 20 Березень 2008
One of the super coolest people in the whole world ...she is hylarious and can beat anyone in a brupping contest...and shes an amazing artiest
Crap shes a bugie...she kicks ass
додав Super S 5 Лютий 2005