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Derived from an older German last name, "Baumgartner", meaning gardener of tree groves, the altered name "Bumgardner" is a variation that is more similarly meaning that of a sexually active person who trains and sells prostitutes similar to gardening as a pimp.
Dylan Bumgardner sells some hot ass ho's.
додав gubgub1234 21 Лютий 2009
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A noun: when chia pet soil is used for lubrication during sex. specifically in the anus.
"Oh dude this one girl im with is totally into getting a Bum Gardner its insane"
додав iminapillowcase 17 Серпень 2006
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when some pony assed chump looks for some sly ass juicy ass to kiss
"check out that nick woodman kid felching that plumridge kid like hes a bum gardner or somin"
додав tim gadd 25 Квітень 2005
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