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A disposable "pay as you go" cell phone.
Proposition Joe talking to Marlo from The Wire "Me, I aint so much touched a burner for a year now"
додав Jew Hag 8 Грудень 2006
138 83
A top to bottom train cart piece that has contending style.
"You see that train, yo? It was covered end to end burners"
додав deZore 11 Листопад 2003
15 27
large graffiti mural
Josh painted this dope burner down by the bridge
додав dylon 30 Травень 2005
20 33
One who attends the yearly festival called 'Burning Man'. Usually friendly in nature.
Welcome home burners to ever forgiving and changing playa.

Man, did you see all the burners at Albertsons? They bought all the water in Reno!
додав Laecee 18 Листопад 2004
39 52
A Caucasian woman who enjoys dating men of color (ie, men that african americans, carribean, anglo african, etc)

See also coal-burner
That Heidi Klum...she is one sexy burner
додав Spenbiz 27 Травень 2004
10 23
a drug addict, pothead ect. Usually associated with the constant use of Marijuana.
Joe likes to hang with the Burners behind the Value Village.
додав Asiago 8 Квітень 2005
16 30
a person who lives in Black Rock City for at least one week per year and keeps a playa state of mind every day. Also a person who loves fires and destruction of art by fire.
I melted my hair at the last burner party I attended.
додав Wendy 11 Лютий 2004
29 43
a person who burns themselves as a result of getting rid of depression or stress or very emotional feelings. Its a type of self-injury. Self injury is actually a coping mechanism used to deal with powerful negative feelings and prevent suicide.
I was a burner.
додав Sadistic Beauty 21 Січень 2004
8 22