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When a girl has crusty build up in her ass crack. Depending on the size they can be called "crater tots". If you slam her cheeks together, you can make "chips".
"She had so many butt spuds, you could go "bobbing for tots" all night long."
додав No Ugos 23 Серпень 2013

Слова пов'язані з Butt Spud

ass crumbs bobbing for tots bumspud but spuds buttspud chips crap crater tots poo spud turd
the brown mass that leaves your derrier every twenty four hours, often helped by a gentle squeeze. poo, excriment, turd, plop, shanny, shit, crap, douglas hurd.
i've just dropped a butt spud in the john, she's a beauty!
додав Mr.Porkie 23 Листопад 2005