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Manchester slag for an automobile.
That fives a bad craft dude.
додав Ryan 20 Листопад 2003
Slang for ugly bitch. Crafts are actually 5 foot three, however, their extremely large foreheads make them appear to be a full six feet tall. Because of this, Crafts are commonly mistaken for aliens when first seen.
"Did you see that man?!? Was that a fuck'n alien? Nah man, it's just Craft."
додав nwotd 14 Грудень 2007
originating from the African word meaning "rough hair", or "wooly naps." Also associated with the color Black. See "Bumbaye."
He's got a gang of Craft on his head.
додав Jamaal 27 Серпень 2003
Adj. a tubby bitch.
The craft bitch was sweating in the pits while washing her car.
додав Balls Deep 1 Квітень 2003