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The state of not being pimpin', but owning a cadillac anyhow. ie. doin' it like a small-timer, aka a "shrimp"
Person1: Man, look at that cadillac! I bet that guy gets tons o' ass. He's cadillac pimpin'. I wish I had a cadillac.
Person2: Naw, man- he's cadilac shrimpin'. His girlfriend sucked my dick last night in my VW Rabbit. Maybe he should pimp harder.
Person1: What a sucka
додав Big Octopus 5 Березень 2006

Слова пов'язані з Cadilac Shrimpin'

cabbage get my finger paints nouveaux-riche small-timin' sucka uptown
being somewhere just chillin, listenin to music and all that good stuff
just chillin, nothin going wrong. just straight up pimpin, ya dig. its a must when u have to get my finger paints.

something for Tha PistolStarta and SnowMane
додав Austin aka SnowMane 16 Лютий 2004