Cheating (also called gulling) is an act of lying, deception, fraud, trickery, imposture, or imposition. Cheating characteristically is employed to create an unfair advantage, usually in one's own interest, and often at the expense of others. Cheating implies the breaking of rules. The term "cheating" is less applicable to the breaking of laws, as illegal activities are referred to by specific legal terminology such as fraud or corruption. Most people say cheating is bad, and it's wrong. There is also that popular phrase everyone loves to use: "When you cheat, you're really cheating yourself." Is this true? I say: HELL NO! If you get away with cheating in school, GOOD GOING. I have cheated on tests, homework, projects and other assignments all through my scholastic career, beginning (at least from what I can recall) the 3rd grade, up through college. It's something I take pride in. I feel very good about myself when I cheat on a major exam and get away with it, and it's an art form that I continually improve upon as time goes by, new methods are discovered, and requirements change
According to, here is a list of common arguments AGAINST cheating, I am going to respond to each point individually.

Cheating can get you in serious trouble
Every school has a cheating policy, and punishments can be pretty harsh, starting with an automatic F or Zero on the test or assignment, and going all the way up to getting kicked out of school. If you cheat to get a better grade, you're taking a big risk of getting a much worse grade that will seriously set you back. Getting booted from school will set you back even more.

My response: Only if you get caught! Don't get caught, and you won't get in any trouble.

Cheating is unfair to you
You've probably heard an old saying that goes: "When you cheat, you're really cheating yourself." Sure, it sounds corny, but it does make a lot of sense. School can help make you a better person in many ways, and help you learn the things you need to live a fulfilling life. If you never really learn these things because you're cheating, then all you're going to learn is how to cheat! It can be difficult to look towards the future like that when you're freaking about tomorrow's big test, but try to have faith in the big picture.

My response: Unfair? What the hell? I'm not even going to respond to this cause I think this claim is so absolutely bogus.

My friend Veerus had his own response: School is unfair to you too! Most of the shit you're required to take in school, you will never need in your life. Unless you're a physics/math major, why the FUCK would you need calculus 3?? So if you're forced to take these fuck-tarded courses which will not teach you anything, then save time for yourself and cheat. Once you pass the class one way or the other, you'll forget about the shit you supposedly learned anyway, so take the easy way out.

Cheating is unfair to your friends
It's important to play fair in games and sports, and that goes for school, too. If you've ever had a friend who was so determined to win at all costs that she cheated at whatever game you played, you know how upsetting this can be. You're playing by the rules, and then someone does better than you by breaking the rules. It stinks, and it's unfair. When you cheat in school to get better grades, it's unfair to the kids who actually studied and did the work.

My response: Fuck my friends. Let them cheat too. The only way its unfair is if the test/assignment is graded on a curve. If that's the case, fuck the teacher, because that's the most ridiculous way of grading. Grades are for individuals, and shouldn't be based on class performance. So cheat anyways and do better.

Cheating can lead to more cheating
Have you ever told a lie, and then found that you had to tell more and more lies just to hide the fact that you told a lie in the first place? Cheating can be like this, too. Say, for instance, someone didn't want to learn the multiplication table, so instead she wrote down the answers on her binder. When the class starts doing more difficult problems, she won't know the basics and might cheat to make up for it. Every time you cheat, you're not learning skills and lessons that could be important later on.

My response: I hope that's true. The more practice you get at cheating, the better you will become at it. Remember, practice makes perfect.

Cheating destroys trust
In order for school to work smoothly, students and teachers have to trust one another. People who cheat are telling their teachers that they're not trustworthy, and this can make getting through the school year a lot more difficult. Your teacher might be suspicious of everything you hand in, and it can be very hard to win back that trust.

My response: Trust my ass. I don't trust any of my goddamn teachers to begin with. And besides, if no one knows I'm cheating (since I wont get caught) how would it destroy trust?

Cheating is the same as lying
Some people who get away with cheating on a test or homework assignment will brag about it to friends, like it's something to be proud of or that proves how clever they are. But it's not so common to hear someone bragging about being a liar, right? That's because most of us don't think very highly of someone who lies. Think about this: every time you hand in schoolwork that you cheated on, it's like telling the teacher that you did it totally on your own. If this isn't true, then what you're doing is lying.

My response: If you are saying that I'm lying to my teacher... again, SO FUCKING WHAT. Lying to my friends.. well that's not good, I need friends. I don't need teachers, not beyond the semester I'm with them anyhow. So fuck the long-term consequences of lying to some professor I'll never see again.

You can't be proud of cheating
When you accomplish something on your own, it makes you proud. Remember the first time you rode a bike by yourself? It probably felt great. Now imagine that you never rode that bike by yourself, but always had training wheels to help you. You wouldn't be as proud, would you? Cheating is like having those training wheels on your bike all the time. You might get an A on a test or an assignment, but you'll know that you really didn't earn it.

My response: YOU'RE DAMN STRAIGHT I'M PROUD OF CHEATING. Are you kidding me? There is no better feeling in the world (save for sex, and taking a good piss when you really gotta go) than getting away with cheating your balls off during some final exam or major project. Why spend hours studying when you can get the same grade in 10 minutes!
додав skools4losers 23 Жовтня 2008
Forgetting about your girlfriend to go mess around with other girls at homecoming when you are in a commited relationship, knowing quite well she trusts you and loves you with her whole heart then taking that trust and love and take a piss on it. Cheating is anything you wouldn't want your significant other to see, watch, find out about, or do with someone else. Fuck all the cheaters who ever broke someone's heart. If you get cheated on, dump their sorry ass, theres no such thing as a moment of weakness. They dont give a shit about you or your relationship. Even if the girl came on to them, they shouldve said no. They dont love you. They are selfish bastards, and they will do it again no matter what they say. It breaks your heart into a million pieces, you never will trust them or anyone else again, and the pain never goes away. You'll ALWAYS have moments where you think about it and just break down crying, and sometimes you cry yourself to sleep for months.
Travis cheated on his girlfriend Jessie with five girls at his homecoming, that bastard. She deserves better, nobody deserves to be cheated on. Its better to tell the truth than to be caught cheating.
додав fUcKtH3cH3eT3rS 13 Березня 2010
Being cheated on is one of the worst feeling you can feel. because you loose the trust for the person who cheated on cant even forgive them because your hurt so bad. you never want to get cheated on and the worst part is you dont exspect it,you either get cheated on emotionaly or physicaly by sexual contact. you think you can trust the person with everthing and once you get cheated on everything changes, you cant seem to feel anything, you feel like giving up on life because you loved that person enough were you could go out with the person. you dont know who to trust becuase you dont want it to happen again. you feel like your world crashs to a end you will never act the same. you start slowly finding yourself constanyl thinking about saying what went wrong. you cant seem to stop crying becuase you have no heart anymore. and if you had to chance to change the pass you would and forget this ever happened.
going out with some and your lover does things with other people behind your back which makes it cheating.
додав KrAzyk0r3y1 02 Травня 2009
Creativly solving a problem in your favor
Simple math test... get caught "cheating" just say "Its not cheating its creative problem solving"
додав Anonymous 20 Серпня 2003
When loser ex boyfriends with no dick's feel the need to call your best friend and ask her to give him head at the movies when your on vacation
Mike is a dick-head when he called Lauren. You both are shamelessly shallow and deserve eachother.
додав ((You love this)) 10 Квітня 2005
What your ex did to you when she/he found a better puss eater
Victim: Are you cheating on me?
Michele: No
Victim: Wat's this pic in ur wally? Who's this jews u're f**kin' wit?
додав Loner 12 Лютого 2004
Exploiting or using methods which are illegitmate.
FWG are f'king cheats!
додав Anonymous 20 Березня 2003
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