A baseball team from Chicago. They have a very large fan base, most of them are twits. They parade up to Milwaukee in their BMW's and Mercedes while talking on their fucking cell phones and speeding 30 over. They pay crazy rates at Miller Park to see their precious "Cubbies" . When September comes around, they blame management and coaches for their 100 years of sucking shlong. They also have had history of blaming animals and individual fans for their misfortune.
The Chicago Cubs have a huge salary cap. How have they not won a series in over a 100? Oh, thats right! ....a goat, Steve Bartman, and of course that terrible management! Fuck the Cubs.
додав Mr.McBeerStein 11 Квітень 2010
1. One of the most unsuccessful baseball franchises in the history of the game. Won their last World Series in 1908 and are historically known for being Completely Useless By September (CUBS).

2. A bad team supported by uninvolved, unintelligent, and generally uninterested fans. Said fans constantly attend games even though the team and upper management refuse to put a quality product on the field. Next, they accuse Sox fans of being not loyal and not attending games when the Sox were losing. However, they refuse to believe the notion that if one is not happy with a team/organization's performance then the most effective way to retalliate is by (gasps) not attend games. Rather than knock the White Sox, their fans, and their parks, the Chicago Cubs and their fans should take a long look in the mirror and realize that they are a bunch of uneducated, slightly faggish, yuppy losers that do not win; in baseball or in life.

3. America's Gay Baseball Team
1. I went to New York to see the White Sox play the Yankees, however, I thought it would be interesting to see the Minor League Game first so I took the subway to Shea Stadium so I could see the Chicago Cubs play the Mets.

2. Chad: Want to go see the Chicago Cubs game today?

Michael: Sure. Who are they playing?

Chad: Oh, I don't know. I just wanted someone who would drive me home after I got incoherently drunk and had rough, unprotected sex with lots of other men.

Michael: Oh, sure. Wanna make out?

Chad: Sure

3. Gay guy #1: Let's go see the Chicago Cubs play!

Gay guy #2: Sure, they're real gay, just like us.
додав Ienjoythetasteofgrapes 20 Серпень 2006
An acronym for "Completely Useless By September." The team itself is known for having fans that every year argue with everyone, especially Cardinals fans, that they will in fact win the World Series. Cubs fans are completely sure that their Cubs will win the World Series, and if not, it is due to a curse. Cubs fans have the distinct talent of closely re-enacting the tendencies of the now extinct dodo bird. They fail to note that curses are not excuses and it is just a fact that Chicago has been very, very bad for a long, long time. Cubs fans are the perfect example of idiots that have overpopulated one area.
"The greatest baseball team in the history of history. Some people currently know them as the 'Lovable Losers' however in November of 2009 this name will no longer be approiate. They are gonig to win the World Series this year and I don't care if you think that a different team will win. I respect your opinion but you are absolutley WRONG. Epic Fail. The Chicago Cubs will win 101 games during the regular season and will go on to win the World Series (btw 101 years ago they won their last world series, that is why it will be 101 wins)" said Bret!

"Oh, so the exclamation point by your name DOES mean you're gay. I'm glad I am not a Cubs fan and that I can actually spell!" Tommy thinks to himself.
додав ETDizzle 10 Квітень 2009
The Chicago Cubs are a baseball team that overshadow the more competent White Sox. Contrary to popular belief the White Sox have about as many real baseball fans as the Cubs, give or take a few. Most of the Cubs fan base is made up of occasional watchers who figure it would be fun to hang at Wrigley for one or two games each season, not true fans. These fans tend to blame their troubles on preposterous curses and/or other fans (ex: the goat and Steve Bartman), and as long as the Cubs are hovering around .500 they think they're going to the World Series. The Cubs also have talented baseball players who are either hurt all the time (Mark Prior/Kerry Wood) or just can't get it together.
Maybe they should build Mark Prior a bionic arm, then the Chicago Cubs might actually make the playoffs for once!
додав emilyattacks 13 Травень 2007
The worst franchise in baseball. They're fans are childlike creatures who believe every Cub is the best at his respective position.
The Chicago Cubs were swept by the St. Louis Cardinals this weekend.
додав Rod Virtelli 20 Січень 2004

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