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A popular term used South Yorkshire term, a less crude term use in place of fuck

chuff/fuck, and chuffin/fuckin
Most common: Chuffin' hell!

That chuffin idiot!

What the bloody chuff!
додав Sod off, ye chuffin git! 11 Квітень 2005
194 92
another word for "f**king." comes from yorkshire, can be used in any sentence.
its chuffing freezing
додав cleavangeline 6 Лютий 2011
30 17
Masturbating, bashing one out
I hate it when my cat watches me chuffing
додав Cuddlesthesexybeast2 5 Березень 2014
4 2
The art of performing anal sex in the open countryside
'Where have you been all weekend?'
'Oh just went chuffing on a sheep farm.'
додав PedroMG 1 Березень 2009
27 57
The act of giving head.
"She was chuffing me off last night and my mum walked in!"
додав gaydar2010 21 Січень 2010
15 48
v. dancin', wiggling your groove bone, gettin' huffy and puffy on the dance floor.
"Wanna go chuffing?" "Oh yeah, we're chuffin'!"
додав Adison q. 2 Грудень 2008
13 49