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a pie made of unborn animal fetus. Usually goat or sheep.
Karen bought a cootie pie from the meat market.
додав jess-e 17 Липень 2006

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fetus pie anglo-indian butcher cootie food goat indian meat
An Anglo-Indian dish consisting mainly of animal fetus usually from a goat of sheep. This dish is widely considered shameful, and disgusting by many. Mainly Anglo-Indians prepare this dish since there culture is based off of not having strict traditions, or rules. Many find it wrong to eat a fetus because it hasn't been born. Street markets in India do sell Cootie Pie, but usually secretly, or very early in the morning. The dish is slowly dying, and will soon disappear.
My grandmother prepared Cootie Pie for dinner.
додав Stewey 26 Серпень 2007