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An individual who, by being a cabaiste, snatches glory from ones hand.
Yi fuckin cuntbagger.
додав M. A. Larkin 4 Листопад 2007

Слова пов'язані з Cuntbagger

cunt bagger bitch cabaiste clit glory individual pussy taco vagina
it means bitch;

also a female grocery store bagger
U cunt bagging cunt bagger son of a bitch
додав Sir. Puckering Penis 15 Липень 2009
1)Meaning a guy who has his girlfriend whenever he wants.

2) A derogatory term meaning your bitch's pussy is so ugly that it needs a bag over it.
1)Aww you fucking cuntbagger, how come you can tap that whenever you want.

2)Kevin's girlfriend is a cuntbagger.
додав Iosephos 30 Жовтень 2006