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Down To Make Blanket Forts
Hey, are you DTMBF?
додав jay_1991 29 Квітень 2012
Down To Make Blanket Forts
Person 1: Are you dtmbf?

Peson 2: I'll bring the blankets.
додав Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy 14 Березень 2012
short for "Down To Make Blanket Forts". Like "DTF" (Down To Fuck) minus the sex.

Also a slick way for a guy to get a girl into a bed without saying "DTF' or "lts get in a bed".
Girl: I really miss childhood sometimes. Dont you just wanna be young again sometimes?
Guy: hmmm... DTMBF?
Girl: This is why I love you.
додав brylon713 9 Березень 2012