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To be easy.
That test was pretty darb. Almost as darb as Ian Smith!
додав Awesomesauce94 24 Січень 2011
Cigarettes: usage from early 20th century.
He likes his nails, but I prefer my darling darbs.
додав Robert Lee 24 Серпень 2004
1920's slang word, meaning excellent.
person 1: that movie was so darb!
person 2: i know, it was so excellent!
додав mitchy 14 Квітень 2005
slang term for a cigarette. Preferred vernacular of bogan types.
"tick us a darb yah c*nt"
додав out of darbs 2 Березень 2008
1920s slang for something or someone regarded as excellent or remarkable.
I'm gonna level with you: thanks for getting me that swell job down at that speakeasy. You're the darb!
додав 1920s Electro-Mod 23 Лютий 2011
1920's, A person with ready money, who can always be relied upon to pay the check.

Don't worry about the check, Myrtle, Al is darbs.
додав Bob Proczko 16 Жовтень 2006
A polite word to replace the word fuck in sentances
Why don't you just darb off!
додав kwbs1984 10 Вересень 2011