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When you get a random girl in the back of your plumbing truck and make her grab a hold your cable that you just cleaned a sewer main with and lick it while you hit it "plumber style".
I was downtown and this chick wanted the DiRtY pLuMbEr, so I gave it to her.
додав DiRtY pLuMbEr 6 Квітень 2009

Слова пов'язані з DiRtY pLuMbEr

dirty plumber cum doggie filthy. fisting nasty never do this sex squirting style
A dirty plumber is when a girl squirts and the guy sucks up the cum and spits it back on the vagina and puts his fist inside her and twists
I was at this whores house and she let me give her a Dirty Plumber
додав n1ls 8 Лютий 2007
After plunging a toilet you stick the plunger on your partners face and then fuck them.
Andrea: I am sick today because Winston came over last night and did the dirty plumber.

Stephanie: Really? You got sick from that?
додав Chunkylover18 2 Жовтень 2008