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Substitute for dumbass in situsations where you can't curse. Pronounced "doo mah-ss"
In front of a teacher, in your office. "God John, you're sucha doomas."
додав CLev 17 Січень 2008
pot smoking deviced... real sweet
I smoked out of the dooma today and it fucked me up.
додав Doug 26 Березень 2005
an awesome pot smoking device
Dude i just smoked out of the dooma and im crazy stoned.
додав mike 21 Квітень 2005
a sweet ass thing to smoke weed
he had a kickass dooma
додав mike 26 Березень 2005
The best of the best
Damian Martin
додав adam rennie 21 Березень 2004
A nice trippy drug that can only be bought straight from the streets. It's hard to find but is in liquid form. It's injected with a needle. Dooma will leave you tripping for hours.
Some random kid: Hey dude, you got that dooma?
Drug Dealer: That shit's hard to find. You definately have to go down to the city for it.
додав Spencer Byron 29 Червень 2006
Donna's evil twin.
1: "Donna, did u break/drink/smoke it?"

REPLY FROM DONNA "No, it was Dooma..."

Donna then runs off.
додав Squee 25 Лютий 2004