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Nickname of Dickson, TN, a mid-size, rural/factory town. Notorious for its seedy underground of drug culture. Also known as the Dirty Dope City, Dirty Dope, and Dope County.
In Dope City, all there is to do is sit around and smoke dope.
#dope city #dirty dope #dickson #drugs #fo thugz
додав B.I.G. Brown 20 Серпня 2007
Awesome, hot fire, great, sick, etc.
"Whoa the Giants won the Superbowl that's so dopecity."

The "city" term can be added to the end of several words to add extra emotion/stress something.

For Example:

Guy 1- "Hey man did you see that guy wearing those pink booty shorts?"

Guy 2- "Yeah bro he was madd gaycity."

#dope #city #hot #fire #yo
додав UNGZ 07 Серпня 2008
Dope City is eqivalent to Really, Really, Really, Really, Really, Really, Really, Really, Hott/ Attractive
that girl is dope city
#really hott #extremley attractive #very very sexually appealing #want to bang #verrry verrry cute beyond beleif
додав Cordo 25 Червня 2006
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