emo-short for emotional, often expressed through sadness, a distinct style of clothing and often veganism or vegetarianism.

The popular idea that all emos are anorexic, sweater wearing, wrist cutting fags with tight pants is just another stereotype in a very stereotyped world. Is like saying that all Italians are fat chefs that make pizza, and while that is true for a small percent of people it is not the case. emo is just short for emotional, a type of music, and can mean many things and can be expressed in many ways by wearing many types of clothing and other actions.
person: Whoa! that emo kid isn't at all what I thought emos were like! I guess I am a dumb-ass after all!

emo: yeah. I guess you are.
додав #%^! 01 Квітня 2007
A bunch of WHITE suburbanites that HAVE money and HAVE a family. also called yuppies. Kids who really don't have the balls to kill themselves and if they did would make the world a better place cause then no one would have to listen to their whining and bitching about how they have a shitty life, which most average people would love to have..yet they all have laptops, iPods, brand new Toyota's (by american) and enough money to buy all their Salvation Army cloths. Also, have you noticed that all the really hot and cute chicks are "emo" Damn what a waste of good pussy.
Guy: "damn that girl is hot"
Guy2: "yeah, to bad she's emo"
Guy: "figures, the fags get all the hot chicks"
Guy2: "don't worry, it'll be over soon"
Guy1: "nope, none of them have the balls to really kill themselves"
додав S.R.E 25 Березня 2007
Emo is a word used to describe kids who are complete and utter failures at life.
Emo kid "Your so mean to me! Nobody understands me in this world! I'm going to cut myself now!"

Set "Do it dumbass! Give the knife, i'll do it for you!!"
додав Set Abominae 15 Березня 2007
Wannabe people who want atention and contradict themselves.

They are unquie and individual - yet dress the same
Have no friends - but hang out in groups
Everyone hates them - yet they all sleep with each other (none gender specific)
Are depressed - yet go to parties and gigs all the time.
Cut themselves - yet never deep enuff
Only follow EMOtional music - wat music dont have some form of EMOtion.
Confussed kids - so the guys look more like girls than the girls do.
Thier own fashion style - stolen from goth/skater/punk
Depressed - but love the life they lead
they <3 everything - but hate life
Tattoo'd - haha u wait until your 45 with stars, hearts and cherries

"if you loved an EMO would they no longer be EMO"
додав J Dubuk 19 Січня 2007
A new fad that has blown out of porportion. The people that you may see conforming to the outter appearences of others that usually consist of the same hair style and the same attire. Of course, most of them are left in the dark when it comes to the emo music in the '80s which is how emo started, but thats just because they are ignorant and only care about fitting in. Most of them claim to be depressed, that their life sucks, that they want to die, that they have TRIED to commit suicide, ect. Of course, as they probably took two tylenol and said that they tried to kill themselves with pills, they do not try to do it again! If you want to die, you wouldn't give up after the first try. Also, they are very self-centered and never even stop to realize that their lives are way better than many other people's, not to mention people's lives outside of America, which in most cases would be MUCH worse.

In short, an emo is a teenager that wants attention so they dress, act, and do everything the same as a group of people. They cut themselves, but JUST ENOUGH to leave a scar, so that people will be able to see they have a "horrible life". And the emo lifestyle is a plague to the minds of the children.

I think that, before I go home, and before my mom gives me a bunch of hugs and kisses, and my father gives me my allowance of $50, and I watch MTV to find new things to buy so I can be more like that one cool kid I see every day, I'm going to plan out how I'm going to tell my friends tomorrow that I cried tonight and tried to kill myself by slitting my wrist... First, I must give myself a small cut over my vein, OH, GOD, I HOPE THIS DOESN'T HURT! "OW, MOM, CAN I HAVE A BAND-AID?" Oh, and also, I should write a BS poem about the constant torture I went through as a child, and how everyone hates me, and how I hate myself.
додав I Actually Think 08 Червня 2006
emos lyk 2 fink of themselves s being indivduals and refer to themselve as scene they actually look exactly like each other... you can spot an emo by there inhabitation of middle class coffee bars such as starbucks or outside depressin the rest of the population or by the pool of blood comin 4rm the self harmin to get attention
emo girl"ur new hair cut is propa scene, you look sex i <3 u"
emo boy"i did it myself i didnt lyk my life so i took my hair as i representation of my self hatred"
додав ---georgie--- 02 Січня 2006
Emo, or "emotional music" can be summed up by:
- I hate myself
- My life has no meaning
- Guitar solo

"Emo" people are commonly confused with gothic, but being slightly different in the sense that gothic people tend to hate the world more than themself
The generic Emo song:
My girlfriend left me,
I'm going to cry and cut myself,
My life is horrble,
I have no reason to live,
****guitar solo****
додав Ridek 10 Грудня 2005
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