Emos are a misunderstood subculture. They listen to emo music. They wear dark, melodramatic clothes and makeup. Their culture is polluted by wannabes who go on about how their life is not easy and the world is against them. Their emotions are confuing to them, and they often feel depressed and/or misunderstood. Emos are somewhat similar to goths in their appearance, though not nearly as hardcore. They are often stereotyped for slitting their wrists, though this is certainly a rarity.
"He is So Emo..." By Zee-Man.......
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додав Zee-Man 27 Березня 2007
A sheeplike creature often seen milling about waiting for their next opportunity to pour disdain on the very culture they embrace, although the music scene is said to be blamed for the name Emo meaning EMOtive music i think it far more likey it is due to the emo's style guru Emo Philips the comedian. also see otaku for more info on the original roots of this culture
Although a seemingly us trend this began in the otaku region of japan which spawned the older trend named after the region these "Otaku" kids were almost identical to emo teens except that they started to become violent and several muders were commited. both of these trends are merely precursors to the cult of the drummers seen in the graphic novel "Halo Jones" first seen in the comic 2000ad the drummers were a group of emo lookalikes who had a hypnotic drumbeat implanted in there brains that would make them almost catatonic with bouts of psychotic violence very much like the otaku
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додав mike x 21 Січня 2007
The wrong term for "emo kids." Emo is NOT short for emotional, as many people may think; it is an abbreviation for "emotive." Many people make the mistake of pointing to a group of kids with tight pants and long side bangs and exclaiming, "OMG look at those emos!!!" That's basically the same thing as saying, "OMG look at those emotives!" or "OMG look at those depresses!"

Girl: "Those emos at that table are lame."


Girl: "Those emo kids at that table look depressed."
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додав Anni. 26 Серпня 2006
Comedian. Full name "Emo Philips"

In the world of monotone joke tellers throwing plastic grins in front of simulated brick walls at comedy clubs across the country it is always a breath of fresh air when a comedian is able to stand out not only on his persona but also on extremely well written material. And out of those comedians with the possible exception of Bill Hicks and Denis Leary few are able to find monumental success not only in United States but also over in Europe. Which brings us to Emo Philips.

If you have never heard or seen Emo perform it would be very difficult to describe. As one reviewer writes: "With his Prince Valiant haircut, wide-eyed expression of innocence and gawky gestures, Emo Philips has an individual, albeit bizarre, style."

But behind the unsettling persona lays some of the best written material found any place. Practically a staple on television during the comedy boom Emo continues to entertain people with his extremely clever and well honed material.
I watched Emo straddle a rabbit.
додав Chase! 16 Вересня 2005
Someone that wants to cut themself.
Person A: Man I wish my lawn was emo...
Person B: Why?
Person A: So it would cut itself.
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додав Gawdly 17 Квітня 2007
Teenagers who think its cool to dye their hair black, not wash it and then sweep it to the side of their face. They listen to depressing music to make themselves feel better about their depressing lives. They also think they have all the problems in the world when they are actually boffins who scrounge off of mummy and daddy and live in a big mansion. But for attention they think it's cool to slit their wrists and then go and broadcast it. They wear tight black jeans, converses, scarfs (even when it's hot), thick rimmed geeky glasses, and all look like clones of eachother. When they are not self harming they skip around town pissing everyone off with their high pitching yelling. They like to go to crappy gigs and chat about how shit their lives are. They hate everyone apart from eachother.
emo1:hey like are you like going like to like the like gig like tonight like?

emo2: i don't know like cos like im like so like depressed like that i like might like stay at home like and like cut my wrist and like cry.

emo: yeh like me too like im like so like depressed like my mummy like only like gave me like £500 tonight like she like hates me such much like.
додав Kristy Morgan 18 Червня 2005
The plural form of emo. AKA group of (noramally) young whiny kids who are a product of 80's punk and goth REJECTION and created a social movement knows as the rejects.
Dude, look at all the emos crowd around. They look like they're about to cry.
додав h to the izzle 22 Листопада 2004
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