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Means "Everythings going well for me". Came from the Simpsons character MilHouse when something particulary swell happened to him.
I just found 10 bucks, everything's coming up Milhouse!
додав Sheepz 29 Січень 2004

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milhouse the simpsons
A celebratory phrase used following one, or a series of, positive, though generally insignificant event(s).

Its origin can be attributed to Milhouse, a character of television show The Simpsons, who coined the phrase in jubilation after realising the success of his flood pants to keep his cuffs bone dry.
"I left work 10 minutes early today, and I found $2 in the passenger seat of my car! Everything's coming up Milhouse!"
додав ess jay dee eff 29 Квітень 2010