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A free online game whose ads are mostly aimed towards horny teenagers.
Wow, did you see that ad for Evony? You know, the one with the giant tits? I don't care what the game is, I'm playing!
#evony #mmorpg #horny #online #game
додав po123 14 Липня 2009
A browser based game with EXTREMELY misleading adverts. I think you build cities in the game, but I wouldn't know, because all I saw on the advert was a blonde woman with an assload of cleavage and a butt-chin. You can hardly even see her face. Just her unnaturally large tits. Probably aimed towards 10 year olds, but the adverts attract horny 15 year olds who want some messed up hooker-banging game.
Boy: *sees Evony ad* *gets hard-on*
#tits #cleavage #misleading #advert #horny
додав Amy Renée 27 Липня 2009
An online browser based civilization clone whos ad campaign has no hint as to what the game actually is. Tits sell. Play secretly.
Did u see the tits on that videogame ad for evony? Its gotta be a fuck a hooker game!!
#evony #civony #tits #ignoramus #horny
додав buttmusket 23 Липня 2009
A new, free, MMPRORG which was launched in early 2009. Formerly known as Civony, it is a 2D, browser based game that runs in realtime. To date, servers have been plagued by lag, bugs, and random shutdowns. It is sold as "free forever" but players can choose to buy game "cents" for a ration of 10:1 on the dollar. This is widely regarded as ridiculously overpriced and many reports of game cents disappearing have been reported.
I started playing Evony the other day and spent alot of time building up my city, now I can't even log on so some asshole is probably now attacking me.
#ripoff #timesuck #mmporg #crap #waste
додав Nignoger 15 Травня 2009
A new medieval empire-building which has had mixed reviews, it says "play unnoticeably" however on wikipedia it says "despite the fact that Evony does nothing to hide itself from network logs and its URL and cookies will still be present in a web browser's history like any other website." Also a running slogan for the campaign was "Save the queen!", although within the game, there is no queen to save.

Not only that, it has been accused of breaching copyright laws, as it says on wikipedia: "The game and website currently uses graphics from various games including Microsoft's Age of Empires: The Age of Kings and Age of Mythology as well as descriptions copied directly from Sid Meier's Civilization III and Civilization IV, as well as from other Mods and Wikipedia.

During the ongoing advertising campaign a particular advert featuring a fairy was apparently taken from the website The owners were subsequently informed and blogged about this."

And there was another controversey about the developer corporation, Universal Multiplayer Game Entertainment being linked to WoWMine, a Chinese operation known for gold mining. also criticism made regarding the game has been removed from Evony's forum by moderators.
guy 1: Have you played Evony?

guy 2: No, I've been reading about it on Wikipedia, it as been accused of some serious crimes, being linked to illegal operations, copyright issues and unethical and misleading adverts.

guy 1: I don't care, I like it
#gold mining #copyright laws #unethical adverts #slogan #wowmine
додав Iameverywhereyetno-whereatall 10 Серпня 2009
a fucking retarded game with extreamly misleading adverts on ever single web site you visit(and i mean like fucking everywhere!)that has to use sexuality and cleavage that has nothing to do with the content of the game

this game has to use sexuality in its adverts to make horny b-tards believe you will fuck some body in the game
horny dumbass: hey did you see the evony chicks huge tits

smart dude: no i was to busy making fun of how they're so desperate for players they have to use half nude chicks to get horny 15 year olds play
horny dumbass: i don't care im playing any way !!!!!!
#gay game #evony #horny kids #b-tard #dumbass
додав link27o9 27 Лютого 2010
A grotesque ad of a computer animated (presumably female) elf that appears at the top/side/bottom of all internet webpages.

An order to view this ad, or one if its many variations, you must visit any random url.
Ugh! These Evony ads collectively waste so much bandwidth, I've probably spent at least fifty dollars on them alone!
#evony #ad #evny #mmorpg #game
додав Noogahoogah 03 Жовтня 2009
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