A crush on a Facebook friend you barely know and weren't attracted to when you did know them. Most likely to occur when you've friended an old acquaintance who's become suspiciously more attractive over the years, due either to a particularly flattering photo or because they've now aged into a range where you could feasibly date them without being considered a perv. These factors, combined with intelligent and thoughtful posts by the subject friend, can lead to a titillating attraction for a mental projection that does not in fact exist. Such crushes are seldom viable in analog space.
I've developed a Facebook crush on Gunnar, but I'm sure it would be a disaster if we really went on a date.
додав Lola Roman 01 Січня 2010
Top Definition
A crush on a FB friend is characterized by the unexplainable urge to revisit the friend's Photos tab repeatedly and checking to see if other friends have written new messages on their Wall. Usually afflicts users who are only somewhat acquainted.
"I've got a Facebook crush on a guy I was going to rent a room from, but in the end we just friended each other."
додав brooklyncat 11 Травня 2009
When friends incessantly comment on each other's posts even though they don't really know each other that well.
Man 1: I just went to the Chelsea Flower Show and wish I had a big garden!
Man 2: Why don't you move to Melbourne and you can :-)
Man 1: Funny, I was going to write that! xx
Man 2: Looking forward to seeing you in Madrid. Four more weeks! Woohoo.
Man 1: Can't wait! xx
Man 3: Boy, you two have a Facebook Crush going on...
додав FBPundant 27 Травня 2011
Seeing somebody in your friends page through a picture/comment. To complete the crush, you then see them at a party or event etc.
friend 1 - "Dude, i saw that same hot girl i facebook creeped on, at that last party. me gusta(I Like). i have to talk to her."

friend 2 - dude... i call that the facebook crush.
додав masterpeace 03 Квітня 2011
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