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A lie someone tells you, but has an elaborate bullshit tale to go with it to fascinate the listener.
Hey Dave, did you hear Tim hasn't found a job jet?

Yeah, he was telling me a fairy tale that's he's been too busy with his schedule! You should ask him, the story will astound you
додав N-Girl 9 Січень 2009
Made up stories, always fiction.
Little Red Riding Hood, the three pigs and abiogenesis (the creation myth of the atheist) are all fairy tales although the later fits science fiction more so for its use of scientific concepts although it's still made up.
додав Skialian 11 Січень 2014
A made up story, such as santa claus, the tooth fairy, atheism, etc.
Some fairy tales are just for kids, like the tooth fairy and santa claus.

Other fairy tales are also for adults, like atheism.
додав a_contributor 18 Травень 2010