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To make a commitment to someone and then not follow through. Usually a broken promise.
After promising not to fart on her face, i compeletly faked on Lisa while she let me teabag her.
додав BeanGuillen 27 Квітень 2011

Слова пов'язані з Faked

fake faker owned pwned
The first in a long line of "Fakes." Not "fake" due to personality or attitude persay, merely "fake" because he was the second JD to join a group of friends. May have a fondness for television, leather loveseats, anime, wine, and other hipsters.
"I love Fake D, but he is melting into the couch again!"
"I would like to introduce you guys to my friends Joe and Fake Joe"
додав Hamed&Andrew 18 Липень 2006
getting ridiculously stoned (baked) from smoking synthetic cannabis.
"You kids are way too baked."

"Nah man, we're faked"

Let's get faked.
додав unicorndanzparty 28 Листопад 2012
pretending to be baked
He's so faked right now, he only took a hit.
додав m.cm.c 11 Серпень 2012