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1.a person who obcesses over something.
2.a kefka Cultest.
"all hail lord kefka!"
додав Aquila-chan 23 Грудень 2003
One who redoubles his effort when he has forgotten his aim.
President bush i guess....?
al-queda members are religious fanatics.
Somebody who complies with the definition above.
додав pyromanCJ 12 Травень 2007
A beautiful Hackforums member that runs the interwebs.
User: Yo Fanatic your gay.
User: Disconnected
додав Hackforums.net 4 Листопад 2011
Person who favors ATi cards over nVidia cards. Opposite of nVidiot.
The person bashing the nVidiot is a fanATic.
додав Bearxor 30 Вересень 2003