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Motorcycle accessory, not necessarily a functional one. Believed to be originated in the forums of Advrider.com.
Derivations of the word include: Farckling, Farckle-aholic and Well-Farckled.

My next farckle will be a set of Piaas for the bike.
I am in the process of farckling my GS.
I am an admitted Farckle-aholic.
I just pulled the trigger on a well-farckled V-Strom.
додав DracaJam 30 Березень 2008
When someone farts close range into your face and splatters little specks of poo juice on your cheeks that look like freckles.
Richard blasted a fart in Jim's face and gave him a ton of farckles! He looks like Opie!
додав RonnieL 13 Листопад 2007